Artist News

Ewerdt Hilgemann 

Many of you have enjoyed viewing the minimalist sculptures by Amsterdam based Ewerdt Hilgemann in the Gallery and on display at Civitas Architecture Firm, 1200 Bannock Street in Denver.
We are so proud to announce the installation and exhibition of his monumental works in New York City as of August 1, 2014.











A series of seven stainless steel sculptures will parade along Park Avenue in seven locations, from 52nd Street to 67th Street with large scale pieces – some in groups of two or more – placed on the grassy medians.  These monumental abstract works range in size from 8 to 20 feet in height and were created especially for the Park Avenue installation.  Hilgemann uses a unique vacuum process, which “implodes” geometric shapes, causing the perfectly finished steel structure to deform in organic folds, contradicting the very material from which it has been constructed.

“To me, the implosion represents the inward spiral of energy to reach the core and mystery of matter, the ultimate beauty of creation,” says Hilgemann.