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Dating real under the hood I Ready Sexy Dating

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Dating real under the hood

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A little about me:1.

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Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Sarah living in the big, big city. And, although Sarah was first and foremost an advertising executive who eeal Dating real under the hood a lucrative-yet-fulfilling side-career as a freelance events coordinator… she was also a bit on the short side. What is important is that, like so, so many of us on this crazy blue marble, Sarah was looking for love.

And one day, while she was eating lunch at the Hhe Bon Pain on 68th Street, she matched up with a tall, handsome stranger on a very popular dating app. Anyways, the man Sarah had matched up with was named Michael Jacob Harrison. No visible scars.

So, after a few days of casual texting, they decided to meet up for drinks. Mike chose the venue:.

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However, she was less pleased to note that he was sitting in the darkest booth in the darkest bar in the biggest Dating real under the hood on the planet. And that he was already super plastered. But Sarah decided to give Mike the benefit of the doubt. After all, Hemingway also drank a lot. rhe

undr And he wrote The Sun Also Riseswhich is a pretty good book. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, however, Sarah found she had trouble recognizing the man in front of her.

He was… a little wider than he looked in his pictures.

A lot wider. And older.

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ujder As I said, Mike was kind of, you know, the worst. After a few minutes of awkward small talk, Sarah perhaps less-diplomatically than she could have decided to address the elephant in the room.

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Mike did not like that last line one bit. And, downing the dregs of his fifth Miller High Life, he immediately broke into a rambling monologue that sounded very well-rehearsed. As if it had been said many, many times before.

Sarah groaned feal she Dating real under the hood where this was going. And while it probably would have made her feel better in the moment to yell out that Mike was being a Dating real under the hood jerk; that he had lied to her for a week now; and that, yes, he was right, dating in general is incredibly superficial, but, if he was actually trying to make a meaningful connection, he needed to represent himself a little more realistically.

Because, seriously, how the hell was any of this her fault?

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But fortunately, Sarah was an accomplished advertising executive who also had a lucrative yet fulfilling side-career as a freelance events coordinator. Uood, flipping Mike the bird on her way to the J train, Sarah made her way Dating real under the hood of Brooklyn and went on with her life.

Mike chose the venue: He totally had a scar. Sarah tried to be diplomatic.

Sarah tried again. This time a little more forcefully. And Sarah lived happily ever after.

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