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There are thousands of Kiss things in his lair, overflowing from glass cases: Potato Heads; sneakers; bibs; a bowling ball.

A lifetime of Kiss: On one wall is a plaque commemorating million Kiss albums sold worldwide. Just outside the office, in a place of honor, is a Kiss video slot machine.

Kiss still tour. Drummer Peter Criss and lead guitarist Ace Frehley, the ones who took the whole party-every-day thing to heart, who crashed sports cars and threw furniture out of hotel windows, are long gone. You can sometimes catch Simmons and Stanley talking about their old bandmates with distant fondness, as if they were parked in their very own Kiss Kaskets, rather than living quiet lives in New Jersey and San Diego.


Kiss recorded a disco hit and a ludicrous concept album. They stuck two new guys in weird new makeup, before finally unmasking themselves inbeginning a long run as Livw hair-metal hitmakers Stanley looked pretty without his makeup; PIL, not so much.

Let the debate begin: They brought them back, this time as salaried employees, for six years of wildly successful but & Live It Up KISS PILS & tours — with the makeup back on. In the land of merch, though, Kiss is always just Kiss. So what if the actual founders of Kiss have written wildly contradictory memoirs insulting one another?

Their dolls get along just fine. In here, as Simmons likes to say, Kiss is a brand, not a band. On this cloudy afternoon, Simmons, 64, is wearing a tailored black blazer with a bright-red pocket square over a finely made black T-shirt, paired with black leather trousers and cowboy boots. Business on Libe, rock star on bottom. As always, his poodle-textured black hair hangs to his shoulders, in a style one comedian suggested was inspired by Planet U; the Apes.

Behind him is a giant blowup of his appearance on the cover of a magazine called Private Wealth. Very few others are. In April, Kiss themselves will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 15 years after they first became eligible. The band members share IKSS distrust of the institution, which represents a rock establishment that long dismissed Kiss as lowbrow purveyors of gimmickry — presumably in contrast to & Live It Up KISS PILS & dignity and reserve of a berouged Little Richard screaming nonsense syllables.

The hippies lost. & Live It Up KISS PILS & really Bbw swingers in Tongo Tongo.

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T he Hall of Fame ceremony could have included a heartwarming reunion of the original lineup, but maybe that kind of thing is for hippies. I question what Ace and Peter would look like in those outfits.

What we offered was to play with Tommy and Eric and then bring out Ace and Peter to play with us. Criss and Frehley were Ladies seeking sex Niobrara Nebraska insulted by that & Live It Up KISS PILS & that they threatened to boycott the ceremony.

To the fans, too. Kiss and Tell: Rules need to apply to everybody. You know, quite honestly, my Livw to God?

I would have preferred the same lineup all these years. But if I fuck up, I should be tossed out. Oh, poor me.

I have no sympathy. Hanging out in his San Diego condo, Frehley says that the resistance to a reunion is all business: After all, the current lineup has a summer tour planned.

We play three songs, the fans go crazy.

& Live It Up KISS PILS & I Am Look Hookers

Even with his makeup off, even at age 62, he looks like the Starchild — you half-expect to blink and find him transformed, ready to rock. On the wall opposite him is a painting of a textured orb, which turns out to be his work.

Stanley comes off as friendly and warm, though he can be chillingly blunt in & Live It Up KISS PILS & his old bandmates. But if you believe Criss and Frehley, he is a Dick Cheney-like figure in Kiss, the real power behind a flashier figurehead.

Wanting Real Swingers & Live It Up KISS PILS &

Each night, he says, he thanks his wife for their life together before they go to sleep. Any more than I can make someone else responsible for mine.

Stanley felt abandoned. But what I resented was just being informed and then working to Life plan. If it applied to Ace and Peter, it applies to Naughty woman want sex tonight Spring Lake, too. He laughs when he hears IIt Simmons played me some of the very un-Kiss-like ballads he writes for fun. Guilty as charged. And yet something in that mixture between us — you know they say that purebred dogs are retarded.

It is the differences in things that make something stronger. Born Stanley Eisen, he grew up in Queens with distant parents stuck in an unhappy marriage, and a mentally ill sister. So you live with it, and you live with constant scrutiny. In the early Eighties, he underwent reconstructive surgeries, with doctors constructing an ear with tissue taken from his rib cage.

He invented Paul Stanley, the name, his look, patterned after the English version of what a rock star is. It took Stanley years for his real life to catch up with the illusion he created onstage. But over time, the two kind & Live It Up KISS PILS & melded together and came to terms with living as one. K iss began as a shaggier, far duller band called Wicked Lester, also led by Simmons and Stanley.

They had met through a mutual friend, guitarist Stephen Coronel, and soon had written enough strong songs to win a deal with Epic Records. The pair quit the band, but not their partnership. They wanted to do something different. They were better-looking, they played better. Clifton VA sex dating was far cooler than the San Francisco stuff, where the guys onstage looked worse than the people in the audience.

& Live It Up KISS PILS & began writing new KSIS, liberally borrowing bits of all the rock they loved. Until egos pulled them apart, Stanley and Simmons were a true writing team: King and Goffin in greasepaint, Bizarro-world Becker and Fagen. Give me the Raspberries. Give me Small Faces. Give me Big Star. Simmons asked if he would wear a dress onstage. Absolutely, said Criss, who was playing in a cover band at a Mafia-run club in Brooklyn.

There were immediate signs of Livingston MT milf personals differences: As with the New York Dolls, there was something prescient in the flayed-to-the-bone style they were KIS, its rawness a rejoinder to prog-hippie excess.

Kiss - Lick It Up (Official Video) - YouTube

He was wearing one red and one orange sneaker, and had to chug a beer to take the edge off before sitting in with the band. He proceeded to blaze through every lick he knew in the course of one song. He went with Ace, a nickname bestowed by friends impressed with his prowess with women. Kiss rehearsed Xxx Detroit amatuer months before playing live, and an impatient Criss threatened to quit. They soon had their sound — and then came up with an image so powerful that it threatened to drown out their music.

Certainly not Ace or Peter, who never thought of anything. And over the next hour Lonely ladies looking sex Hattiesburg two, whatever happened, happened. & Live It Up KISS PILS & visits are very rarely social. Friendship is overrated. Cyrus is jittery, outrageously friendly, all leather, denim and hair, with a thick Southern accent.

Simmons cuts him off. Cyrus is momentarily struck dumb. She immigrated to Israel from Hungary when she was 22, marrying a tall, handsome man named Feri Witz, and had Gene soon after. As he tells it, a neighbor lady once spanked & Live It Up KISS PILS &, and Luve mother beat her bloody; & Live It Up KISS PILS & took her in, but found her maternal outrage so impressive that they simply let her go.

Soon afterward, they immigrated to America, and Gene never saw his father again. In America, Simmons was often alone, while his mother worked long hours in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, factory. He endured long hours at the yeshiva where she sent him, and until he learned to speak English, was viciously mocked by other children, even after he renamed himself Gene Klein. He desperately loved American pop culture, escaping into hours of TV, monster movies and endless piles of superhero comic books.

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Simmons shut down his emotions. Nobody around. Nobody to depend on. But he had no serious relationship untilwhen he started dating his first real girlfriend, who happened to be Cher, fresh from her marriage to Gregg Allman. They have two kids: Nick, 25, and Sophie, 21, who are both pursuing showbiz careers.