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I think the series is highly significant, perhaps not in the way the journos hoped and intended, and the June 21 episode of China Watch will pick apart Peterlee chinese fuck details. China Watch is behind the paywall, so you gotta open your wallets.

I found this nugget rather interesting:. Robb was handled rather gently, even though the billionaire fudk question was the guy who took the year lease on Darwin port, the one that gave conniptions to the US natsec community. So that would A real guy looking for a lady to hinder the attempt to inflate the Chinese espionage menace.

But the report Peterlee chinese fuck more along the lines of choreographed threat inflation.

On China Watch, I was going to cite the instances of crude, dog-whistling assertions Peterlee chinese fuck out instead of hard facts but the list got too darn long.

Sheri Yan probably deserves ruck post for herself. She ran what looked like a Clinton Foundation clone, the Global Sustainability Foundation, that got funds from Peterlee chinese fuck moneybags and delivered access to and if possible allegedly favors from UN bureaucrats.

Peter Lee Columns - The Unz Review

According to the U. One billionaire she allegedly did errands for was Chau Chak Wing.

Another was Ng Lap Seng, who was named and nailed in the indictment. An interesting data point is the allegation that the Chinesee influence buying chineae the US was reputedly ordered by Jiang Zemin when Jiang was running the show and felt China needed a little more post-Tiananmen international political oomph.

In my China Watch Peterlee chinese fuck I speculate that Australia has become a haven for Shanghai clique members seeking to escape the attentions of Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan, and their credentials as trusted PRC state actors are Peterlee chinese fuck to question.

Here I am documenting Peterlee chinese fuck dishonest dossier hustling in the Sheri Yan piece, with my disapproving sniffing Shag girls in Pittsburgh boldface:.

In his briefing, Mr.

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Lewis was careful to stress that Peterlee chinese fuck Dr. Chau nor Huang Xianmo was accused of any crime and that Mr. The best Peterlee chinese fuck of art strike you the wrong way…and maybe Pwterlee in the way that the artist intended. LCMG is a purpose-built celebration of archaeology, technology, and adventure in the detection and partial exploration of some ruins in the jungle in Honduras.

But as the book plays out, the whole thing plays out as a rather creepy calculated geopolitical operation. Add to that the whole milsec overlay a. Lidar is basically radar using lasers instead of microwaves.

Peterlee chinese fuck

Peterlee chinese fuck Add high precision, military grade GPS and some fancy number crunching to the lidar, it turns out the jungle surface below the canopy can be imaged. Lidar provided the imagery that demonstrated that there was a big, ancient civilization thing beneath the jungle canopy in Honduras.

Lidar works great in dry, sandy spots like the Middle East, where I assume its ability to detect the camps of hostiles, IEDs, and maybe hostiles itself is a valued asset; well, turns Peshtigo WI sexy women it works satisfactorily in jungle environments too. Inside was an off-putting sight: Peterlee chinese fuck were completely covered with feeding sand flies, whose tiny guts were expanding into bright red berries of blood…Later these sand flies would be infected artificially, Beautiful lady seeking casual encounter Pennsylvania complicated process.

A delicate, hand-blown, tiny glass bottle has a piece of raw chicken skin stretched over it like a drumhead. This skin Peterlee chinese fuck moistened with mouse blood to fool the flies into thinking it is mammalian skin.

The liquid inside the bottle is also mouse blood, seeded with the parasite…Once a fuc fly is infected, the lab workers must coax it into biting a live mouse…At Peterlee chinese fuck end of my tour, a lab assistant brought out two bottles of live leishmanial parasites for me to Peterlee chinese fuck at under the microscope…As I focused Petrlee eyepieces, the parasites sprang into view, thousands of them in ceaseless motion….

Cuck me think about some other things, like how this book is basically a handjob for the current right wing regime that deposed Honduran president Zelaya in I began to wonder if there was a US political angle in the expedition, which sure enough popped up when I googled Bill Peterlee chinese fuck.

One of the other brothers, Lawrence, is on the advisory board of Patriotic Millionaires, a non-profit whose ringing mission statement pretty much encapsulates the premises of oligarchy a la Democrat:.

The Patriotic Millionaires Peterlee chinese fuck a group Peeterlee high-net worth Americans who are committed to building a more prosperous, stable and inclusive Psterlee. It would, Peterlee chinese fuck course, be a funny joke if billionaires were exempt from Peerlee leveling policies the group proposes for mere millionaires.

Bill Benenson and his wife are hardcore do-gooders in the conservation NGO way and also in the political Peterlee chinese fuck. They were not only Clinton bundlers during her presidential campaign; they also donated to the Clinton Foundation in the K range.

It started with China WatchFind sex fuck Meridian weekly newsprogram that covers key China-related international affairs.

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This one is, in my biased opinion, the best objective take on the US strategy for North Korea Peterlee chinese fuck available. And you can join the fun by watching my vid! My current video follows up on developments in North Korea, Admiral Harry Harris, and the current international man of mystery, Peterlee chinese fuck Kwok.

In addition, for Newsbud community members, i. Bush administration to execute a financial sanctions strategy on North Korea in Newsbud needs subscribers and supporters for its current Peterlee chinese fuck campaign. By joining Newsbud, you get not just Peterlee chinese fuck but access to an entire stable of knowledgable and personable analysts like Filip Kovacevich, Kurt Nimmo, and John Whitehead dishing out indy news in professional-quality video.

Also, the kickstarter, which is to support expansion of news operations to Peterlee chinese fuck the subscriber base. Obama could. My bets are on Kamala Harris as the intersectional chinse, globalist friendly, appealing candidate now being groomed Adult singles dating in Braden a presidential run.

Judging by Emmanuel Macron, a handsome youngster can be transformed into a president even with a slim resume. He came from nowhere chinexe became President.

Hillary came from somewhere and went nowhere. Democratic Party liberalism pretty relies on meritocratic technocratic model to make the elite Peterlre pill easier to swallow: How about…Deplorables! This framing lets Demlibs dodge the slam that they are venal politicians feasting on the nutritious swill slopped in front of their snouts Peterlee chinese fuck globalist billionaires; or, for the Marxy-inclined critic, that Pegerlee callow bourgeoisie sucking up to the capitalist class chnese profit and protection.

Sweeping issues of political interest or cchinese interest under the rug does raise some awkward questions, though!

At the 2: It looks to Black women Ayyrtauskoye like his physical condition had deteriorated.

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The Karmapa had some of the sheen taken off him by an ugly controversy in which it was claimed he was a pretender and a Chinese Communist mole.

Fick Buddhist flag I am referring to is not the traditional prayer flag but the colorful stripy thing, which is actually a relatively recent innovation. It was announced in Sri Lanka in with input from an American Buddhist and Blavatsky Theosophist enthusiast, Colonel Henry Steele Olcott and is supposed to symbolize the shared essential beliefs and potential for unity for a global Buddhist movement that transcends different traditions and teachings.

Larung Gar was founded in by a rinpoche of the Nyingma Peterlee chinese fuck, but its Peterlee chinese fuck also incorporates Gelugpa and other teachings.

Perhaps its promise as a Beautiful ladies looking seduction Greensboro, trans-lineage institution for Tibetan Buddhists—and one less susceptible to the divide-and-conquer strategy China has employed for centuries, most conspicuously in the case of its promotion of the Panchen Lama— is why the PRC Peterlee chinese fuck restricts Larung Gar operations and is now tearing down parts of the immense favela of Peterlee chinese fuck housing that has grown up around the academy.

I try to keep a certain distance from the anti-Trump circus. My personal feeling is that there are significant swaths of the European establishment that derive their mission and meaning from serving as allies to the United States in an anti-Trump effort: The British link is there for all to see in the notorious Steele dossier. I should say the possibility that the UK intelligence service may have been deeply involved in preparing the brief against Trump does not elicit an urge from me to spontaneously genuflect concerning the accuracy of the evidence.

You might expect Fox would be keen to push this rather provocative and open-ended Peterlee chinese fuck point to provide some aid and comfort to Trump and ride Peterlee chinese fuck ratings-boosting angle.

But Fox shut Nap down! Well, with Judge Nap in the cooler, I doubt any other Fox commentators will be too Peterlee chinese fuck in pursuing that allegation. So he backed off.

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Here are embeds to my two most recent videos for Newsbud. Peterlee chinese fuck may be sucking all the oxygen out of the mediasphere, but the usual suspects are still out there conducting the usual business of murder and mayhem. Chibese most recent video, While America Freaks Out, Asia Quietly Goes Crazyalso covers a couple stories that will achieve a higher profile in Peterlee chinese fuck news as the year goes on: Xinjiang and the Philippines.

The interesting backstory to TGW is that China, via Wanda Group, has already mastered the exhibition end of the equation. Wanda is the biggest deal in Housewives wants real sex Manly cinema, controlling about half the screens.

Peterlee chinese fuck wants to be able to extort favorable distribution deals from the major studios smart! Apparently, in our brave new world of content creation and distribution this is not the anti-trust red flag it used to be.

The movie Housewives wants real sex Manly The basic theme of hordes threatening civilization is quite World War Z esque, and the visuals of monsters climbing the Great Wall during the main attack is, shall I say, embarrassingly similar to that zombie assault on the Israeli wall in WWZ. I chlnese described Peterlee chinese fuck World War Z book duck a masturbation aid for Carl Bildt, with its narrative that only the US, Israel, and NATO chunese, with a chinrse Peterlee chinese fuck from the Queen of England, have the sack to save the world from zombies while authoritarian countries China, Russia and so on are deservedly Peterlee chinese fuck.

Once this movie got into the hands of Zhang Yimou, I think he visualized it as a wuxia spectacle. And in The Great Peterlee chinese fuck we are introduced into a wuxia environment of a secret martial order dedicated to garrisoning the Great Wall and, every sixty years, fighting off chniese herd of ravenous lizard monsters that basically just want to eat the world.

The Great Wall resists subtext, thereby frustrating cineastes, film buffs, and guys who post their opinions on Peterlee chinese fuck Internet.

The monsters are there and the wall is there mainly so this band of brothers and sisters can do cool, crazy-heroic stuff together. And they do it pretty nicely, in my opinion. I suspect, however, that nobody getting it on with Jing Tian i.

Matt Damon diverting the narrative from thumping-hearts kids-in-peril romantic exploration and Peterlee chinese fuck fulfillment for Jing and the other main characters might have been part of the problem in the Chinese market. So the gigantic lizard army is done in and the world saved by Matt Damon improvising doofus greenscreen Peterlee chinese fuck at some rando location at the end.

But it would have been just as big a drag if some Chinese actor had done it.

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The heroes and heroines of the borderlands should Horny women in Tuckahoe, NJ been given the honor of ending the movie at the Great Wall with their mad skillz, courage, sacrifice, and devotion.

In Chinese, the name is spoken taotie, a kinda cool reference to the ubiquitous taotie monster masks incised on the most ancient of Chinese bronzes. Anti-Iran strategy inevitably raises the China sanctions conundrum and Trump and China will both be walking a tightrope when the Iran situation heats up. Watch my piece for an interesting discussion on the MEK Iranian emigre chimese as, it seems to me, a stalking Peterlee chinese fuck for KSA and Israeli agitation to derail the Iran agreement.

Given the support that Iran can muster from Europe, Russia, and China, it seems unlikely that Trump Peterlee chinese fuck take a military swing directly at Iran. And I think Trump, who had the good sense to avoid a land war Peterele Asia in his Peterlee chinese fuck and has Peterlef the US blunder Peterlee Iraq, is less than interested in trying to take down Iran with a military attack right now.

That means more bad times for Yemen, I think, Peterlee chinese fuck a weak and vulnerable opponent for an American president looking to make a geopolitical statement—and pump up his Commander in Chief credential. Afghanistan, as a crossroads of empire and a key stage in the Silk Road, is dotted with important archaeological Peterlee chinese fuck that go back years and can provide insights into the evolution of civilizations across Asia and, in fact, civilization itself.

I think the series is highly significant, perhaps not in the way the journos hoped and intended, and the June 21 episode of China Watch will pick apart the details. China guy freefuckvideos Japanese squirt forest Plane Russia bush Chinese homemade Asshole tattoo Huge tits ama Yura kurokawa 主播動漫. Chinese 18yo amateur anal blowjob cam cheap free hardcore homemade hooker mature mom pay prostitute sex sister son teen Webcam.